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Rain, rain, stay away!

Keep your fingers crossed we don't get rained out for our Finals meet on Monday! The rain date for Finals is Tuesday, July 17. If we do get rained out, we will have our banquet on Wednesday

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IMPORTANT Announcements for the remainder of the season

Below is some important info regarding the remainder of the season. Please continue to check the website regularly for any future changes or announcements as this will be the last email reminder...


Semis swimmers do have regular practice on Monday morning and coaches will let swimmers know who should report for practices the remainder of the week.


There are still a number of jobs that need to be filled for both Semis and the Finals meets. Specifically, for the 10 & Unders Semis at 4S, we still need several concessions donations and concessions shifts filled. For the 11 & Up Semis at Pinecrest, we need 6 timers and 1 Marshall (the Marshall positions are easy… you are placed near a restricted or roped off area somewhere around the pool to keep parents and swimmers out. And you usually get a pretty good seat near the pool!) For Finals, we only need to provide 3 timers.

We still have a number of families who have not fulfilled their 3 job minimum and too many families have had to work most meets as a result. And as another reminder, concessions donations do NOT count towards meeting this minimum even though the website tracks it that way. We have asked that all families contribute to concessions for our home meets in addition to working 3 meet jobs throughout the season. If we do not get the timers and Marshall positions filled, we will have to assign those spots based on who has not worked the minimum 3 meets. We’ve not had to do that in the past but we are dangerously close this season so PLEASE SIGN UP!


Championship meets start earlier than regular meets. Swimmers are to report and check in with coaches NO LATER than 4:30, with the Semis meets starting at 6:00pm and Finals meet starting at 6:30.

10 & Under Semis @ 4S on Monday, July 9th-

We provide a Clerk of Course for all of the teams at semis. (For new parents: this area takes the place of the individual Lane Coordinators for each lane.) All swimmers MUST check in at the Clerk of Course tent behind the blocks before each of their events. Please make sure you get your swimmers there several events prior to their event. They will be checked in, seated, and then taken directly to their lanes when it is time for them to swim by Clerk of Course workers. Results for each event will be posted on the wall of the pool house throughout the meet. The top 6 times in each event will move on to Finals.

11 & Up Semis @ Pinecrest on Tuesday, July 10th-

There is no Clerk of Course at this Semis meet but we will have a parent volunteer available near the blocks for the older swimmers to double check their lanes/heats if needed. Results for each event will be posted on the wall of the pool house throughout the meet. The top 6 times in each event will move on to Finals.

Finals @ Woodhaven (Woodhaven Swim and Tennis Club at 3519 Seajay Drive in Beavercreek, NOT the Woodhaven pool in Centerville!) on Monday, July 16th-

All of the pools participate in a team parade of swimmers before warm ups. Coaches will let your swimmers know our team’s “theme” for the parade sometime this week. All manner of 4S team spirit is encouraged for Finals!!!

There is a Clerk of Course tent for ALL swimmers at Finals. For new families and as a reminder to returning families: if your swimmer does not check in at Clerk of Course before they begin walking their event’s group to the blocks, they will be disqualified. The Finals meet moves extremely fast and some swimmers do have events that are back to back. While the Clerk of Course and head officials know who those swimmers are and are good about making time allowances in such instances, they generally will not wait to start events if swimmers aren’t at the blocks on time. PLEASE make sure you and your swimmers know what events they are swimming, pay close attention to what events are reporting, and get them to the Clerk of Course tent on time!!!!


Our banquet will be on Tuesday, July 17 at 6:30 at 4S pool. Any swimmer that participated in the Semis and Finals meets will get their ribbons and trophies at the banquet, and ALL of this season’s swimmers will be acknowledged and receive a gift for a great season!

We will be providing a nacho bar and drinks this year for all of our swimmers and their families. PLEASE RSVP on the website so we have an idea of how many to expect. There is also a sign up for some water and paper products, so if you weren’t able to donate concessions items this season and/or want to contribute, any help with those items would be greatly appreciated!

The Swim Team Committee also wants to recognize our great coaching staff, especially our assistant and volunteer coaches who all took on extra responsibilities this season. So, we will be accepting donations this week (any amount is appreciated!) and will apply all money collected to special gifts for them. Please see Sarah, Shellie, or Leigh at practices or Semis meets if you would like to contribute, and contact Leigh directly if your swimmer is not participating in semis/finals week but you still want to donate.

It has been a great season and we are looking forward to seeing your swimmers compete at Semis and Finals! If you have any questions, or if you have an emergency situation on any of the Semis or Finals dates, please contact Leigh directly at 937-241-1784.


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Semis Roster

The Semis Roster is available here: Semis Roster

Swimmers with an "A" next to their names are alternates for that event. However, relay swimmers may have an A designating their relay team. If you have questions, please talk with Coach Siobhan at Monday's practice. 

Swim Fast, Tiger Sharks! 

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Jump into the fun at 4S!

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You asked, and we listened! Welcome to the new "deck" for the Four Seasons Tiger Sharks. This new page allows us to keep things streamlined in one place. You'll find our calendar, meet and volunteer sign-ups, the link to our recommendations for suits, and more. We are also offering online Spirit Wear orders this year--the link will be up soon! 

We are looking forward to fantastic summer season filled with fun! 

Go Tiger Sharks! 

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How to Register for the Team:

Because the GDSA requires us to turn in paper copies of forms, your first steps to registration are to print and fill out the following forms. Swimmers cannot attend Four Seasons Tiger Shark practice until ALL registration forms and payment have been received. 

  1.  GDSA Registration Form 
  2. Emergency Medical/Contact Info/Photo Release Forms
  3. Families MUST review info sheets, training video, and complete the compliance form about Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Lindsay's Law AND the Concussion Fact Sheet.
  4. Swim team registration fees:   
    • One swimmer in a family: $65
    • Two swimmers in a family: $100
    • Three or more swimmers in a family: $135

All forms are linked above in orange. Just click and print!

Forms and registration fees can be turned in to Leigh O'Brien at Meet the Coaches night on May 20. Alternately, they can be mailed or dropped off to LEIGH--NOT the pool--at her house. Her address is 5508 Red Coach Rd, 45429. 

After Coaches Night, there will be an open link on this website that we will ask all registered families to complete. It will build our roster for the year, which will make meet entries much easier for parents and Coach Siobhan! 

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